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Jim Ball

Insurance Producer

Jim Ball is an insurance producer and the founder of Retirement Healthcare Maze. As an independent insurance agent, he looks to find the most appropriate solutions for all of our clients, their retirement needs and their Medicare needs.

Now with more than a decade of experience in the industry, Jim is extremely familiar with so many of the possibilities when it comes to Medicare and retirement healthcare. He has worked with enough clients to know what the standard experience often is.

“So many retirees are emotionally scarred by their experience with Medicare,” Jim says. “They walk into my office and tell me these horror stories that occurred in their past, and I just know they haven’t been given the help they need to succeed and protect themselves when it comes to their physical, mental and emotional well-being in what should be such an enjoyable time of their lives.”

Jim now specializes in assessing Medicare needs and how they work with long-term planning and retirement income planning. He also helps his clients find insurance solutions with the goal of proper asset allocation, asset protection and legacy planning. “I approach every meeting with a client with a two-fold goal. I want them to get exactly what they want, and I want them to have peace of mind which often includes multiple points of action,” Jim says. “It can include their retirement healthcare planning, their potential for growth and a level of protection. Then I want them to feel good about these choices because they understand all of their options and know they’ve made a decision they can feel confident in.”

Though he’s originally from Dandridge, a small town just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, Jim now resides in bright and sunny Arizona. He now holds his master’s degree in theology and leadership from Lee University, and he was previously achieved recognition as part of Extraordinary High School Students, The National Dean’s List and LifeScript Learning Systems.

He’s currently married to his beautiful wife Janet, with whom he has three wonderful children. He also has one grandchild, and he is a family man to his core, spending most of his free time enjoying their company. Additionally, he is the executive director on the board of directors for the Paloma Sports Complex through the Paloma Community Church. He uses his position for his philanthropic passions, hosting different fundraisers and drives for those in need throughout the year. Jim is also an avid pickleball player and does F45 training.

“My main goal is to provide people with the care and advice they need to find comfortability and security, both in their finances and in their lives,” Jim says. “Whether I can do that with Retirement Healthcare Maze or just as a person in my everyday life, that’s what gets me out of bed every morning.”

About Us

Retirement Healthcare Maze was founded with the goal of providing as many retirees as possible with the help they need. Once you retire, your healthcare becomes one of your most important, and often most used, benefits, but far too many don’t know how to properly leverage it. Whether we get the chance to connect with you in our office or at one of our live events in our beautiful home state of Arizona, it’s our mission to give you the tools you need to utilize Medicare to your advantage, hopefully allowing you to save funds reserved for your retirement lifestyle and use them to propel you toward your goals.

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Winning the Emotional Battle with Medicare

We’ve met with many retirees, so oftentimes, we know exactly where you’re coming from. We’ve seen the pain and trauma in the eyes of those who have been pressured and manipulated into actions they never should have taken with their healthcare benefits. It’s our goal to relieve that pain, and we aim to give you the dignity and the respect you deserve. Our extensive experience in studying and analyzing Medicare benefits can help you take control of your healthcare, giving you the confidence and the decision-making power to make the right call for your own unique situation.

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