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Retirement Healthcare Maze leads with education, giving you the tools you need to defend yourself and protect your assets in one of the most important yet vulnerable times of your life. It’s our duty to arm you with information that isn’t always as easy to access as we believe it should be, and we hope to fight the epidemic of undereducation that is sweeping today’s retirees. We populate our site with that information, and we continually keep you updated on the latest tips and trends to help you navigate the pitfalls of retirement.

Retirement Healthcare Maze Blog

Our blog posts keep you updated on the latest news and information in the financial industry. From updates to retirement legislation, to breakdowns of strategies, to tips you can leverage in hopes of improving your life, Retirement Healthcare Maze is here to help.

Retirement Healthcare Maze Whitepapers

Medicare can be extremely confusing for so many retirees, making it difficult to understand how to properly utilize your healthcare benefit at a time when you might need it most. Our whitepapers can help you grasp the base concepts of Medicare and answer some of your most pressing questions, giving you the confidence you need to protect yourself from the potentially devastating out-of-pocket costs of care.

6 Things About Medicare

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12 Retirement Risks

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5 Things to Consider Before Retiring

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Frequently Asked Questions

From meeting with so many retirees, we understand where you’re coming from, and we’ve seen the pain and scars left by miseducation and undereducation when it comes to your post-career healthcare. We’re here to help by providing you with answers to the questions most frequently asked by our clients, empowering you to take control of your health in retirement so that you can use your savings to fund your most ambitious goals.

How does Retirement Healthcare Maze help?

Retirement Healthcare Maze is here to provide complete service when it comes to your healthcare in retirement. This includes education, information, enrollment assistance, full-service analysis and more. We also specialize in helping clients during the open enrollment period, which occurs each year from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. As your circumstances change, so will your healthcare needs, meaning we may need to adjust your plan or find a plan that more closely matches the care providers and prescriptions you require. We believe in lifetime partnerships, and we’re here to stand with you and work to eliminate the confusion, fear and pain that can come with Medicare. Call us today at (480) 471-8863.

What does Original Medicare cover?

Original Medicare consists of Parts A and B. Most who pay Medicare taxes for 10 years or longer qualify for Part A, which covers inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing facility care, hospice care and home health care services. Part B is paid for through monthly premiums that are typically deducted from Social Security payments. It covers doctor visits, outpatient care, preventative services, medical equipment and supplies, and mental health services. For more extensive coverage, it can be worthwhile to explore Medicare Advantage, Medigap or Medicare Part D options. You can visit our Medicare resource center by clicking here. For more personal assistance, you can call us today at (480) 471-8863.

How can I best protect myself from other healthcare costs in retirement?

If you’re looking to protect against medical and health care costs that aren’t covered by Medicare Parts A and B, you may want to explore options for Medicare Parts C and D. Medicare Part C is often referred to as a Medicare Advantage plan and typically replaces Parts A and B. It is an alternative that allows Medicare beneficiaries to get coverage through a private plan, and it can offer additional coverage for things like dental, vision and prescription drugs. You can also look for Medicare Part D plans, which cover prescription drugs. There are different Part D plans, and choosing one that appropriately suits your needs may help you save on your prescriptions. You can read more about Medicare by clicking here. You can also call Retirement Healthcare Maze at (480) 471-8863. We can help you with your unique situation and needs!

Confused about Medicare?

Retirement Healthcare Maze is here to help!

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