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A Plan for Your Most Important Years

Our goal is to see every retiree find financial comfort and security, giving them the ability to enjoy the fruits of their labor and achieve their dreams. We do this by creating unique plans for each of our clients that account for their entire picture. A successful retirement hinges on the ability to fund your unique lifestyle goals, and those goals require reliable income, which may have growth potential but is protected from market risk. Additionally, we believe that your Medicare is a critical part of your retirement, offering you protection from extreme healthcare costs when you need it most; however to see the greatest benefit from your Medicare, you must know how to leverage your plan and your options. That is our specialty, and we figure your healthcare into your holistic financial plan. View each of our services below to learn more about how they might fit into your plan as a whole.

Medicare Solutions

Medicare can be tricky, often coming with headaches and heartaches. At Retirement Healthcare Maze, we look to eliminate both past and present pain with solutions that help you properly leverage and maximize your benefit. It’s important to know that Medicare is not entirely free, and premiums for more extensive plans come out of your Social Security payments. It’s also crucial to know that you have options when it comes to those more extensive plans. We can sit down with you and look at your providers and prescriptions to determine what we would advise as the best course of action for your healthcare in retirement. It’s such an important component of your post-career life, and we look to give you freedom with your health and your finances.

Life Insurance

No longer is life insurance solely about the death benefit your family might receive if you pass away in a predetermined term. Now, it comes with so many benefits, potentially making it a valuable asset to your future, your retirement & your beneficiaries. Under certain policies, a cash value portion can grow at a rate guaranteed by the insurance company, allowing you to save for retirement while potentially experiencing growth on your funds. Then, that money is available to borrow tax-free in retirement, helping you fund your goals while offering your family some semblance of comfort if it goes unused. Optional riders also allow you to customize your policy, possibly helping you pay for some of retirement’s greatest expenses. We can help you determine if life insurance may be beneficial for your unique plan.

Annuity Strategies

At Retirement Healthcare Maze, we look to implement products that have the potential to offer multiple points of upside. As financial products providing a guaranteed stream of income in retirement along with the possibility of market upside and principal protection, annuities can do just that. Rather than investments, annuities are actually contracts with insurance carriers who provide those guarantees. Though not right for everyone, we can sit down with you and assess whether or not your goals and your plan would benefit from implementing an annuity as part of your comprehensive retirement plan and strategy. Then, if we decide that your plan could benefit from an annuity, we can help you find the right product that matches your objectives and your current circumstances, all in an effort to find a future of comfort and security.

Retirement Planning

You’ve been saving your entire life for your retirement, a time period during which you should simply be able to chase your goals and spend time with those you love. For such an important milestone, you deserve a fitting plan that accounts for those goals and considers how you will fund them. As an independent agency, we have access to a plethora of products that have the potential to help you achieve those goals, and we can work to determine which one is best-suited for your unique circumstances. In addition to the creation of income streams in retirement, we can also help you with other aspects, such as your healthcare, giving you what we believe is the best chance to make your money last and allow you to spend it on everything that brings you joy.

Long-Term Care

The unfortunate truth is that long-term care is not covered by Medicare because it’s considered a lifestyle expense rather than a healthcare expense. That means that if you’re part of the 75% of American retirees who might need some form of long-term care someday, it can be a good idea to look for solutions to pay for it. In the past, long-term care insurance has been “use-it-or-lose-it,” meaning that you had to pay premiums for future services and benefits you might never need or qualify for, for instance, if you only needed assistance with a few things at home rather than moving to a nursing home. Now, we’re able to combine life insurance and long-term care insurance into a hybrid plan with much more flexibility. Additionally, if you never need long-term care at all, instead of wasting all those premiums, your family can receive a death benefit instead. If it makes sense for you, we can help you find the right plan and policy for your situation and your needs.

Estate Planning

Just as important as your financial & income plans for retirement is your estate plan, giving you the option to make decisions on behalf of yourself and your family while still sound of mind & body. We know that it’s often a difficult topic to approach, especially with your family members who may not even want to think about losing you someday, but it’s such a crucial conversation to have. A proper, well-designed estate plan can help you avoid hardship and confusion when it comes to the transition of your assets, predetermining all of the decisions and potentially keeping them out of the hands of unnecessarily expensive and slow probate courts. Don’t let your family wonder about your final wishes or have misunderstandings over assets that can lead to permanent emotional divisions. An estate plan can spell everything out.

Winning the Emotional Battle with Medicare

We’ve met with many retirees, so oftentimes, we know exactly where you’re coming from. We’ve seen the pain and trauma in the eyes of those who have been pressured and manipulated into actions they never should have taken with their healthcare benefits. It’s our goal to relieve that pain, and we aim to give you the dignity and the respect you deserve. Our extensive experience in studying and analyzing Medicare benefits can help you take control of your healthcare, giving you the confidence and the decision-making power to make the right call for your own unique situation.

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