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Our events are our favorite way to connect with you, giving us a better chance to understand you personally and professionally. When face-to-face, we can truly understand your goals and circumstances, and we truly believe it also gives us a better chance to provide a higher level of education regarding your retirement. Our main class is called Medicare 101, and we go over the basics of Medicare that are often glossed over, or possibly even never discussed, in your retirement preparation. We aim to help you understand one of your most important benefits, protecting you from the ridiculous costs of modern medical care and treatment and safeguarding your well-being.

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Our Founder

Our founder, Jim Ball, is an experienced professional in Medicare planning and financial services, and he looks forward to every opportunity to help a new retiree maximize their benefits. He has seen the flaws in the system, and despite knowing that he can’t change the overall process, it won’t stop him from trying. At Medicare Maze Solutions, we welcome any retiree, whether you’ve had difficulty with your Medicare or not, to our offices, and we invite you to be a part of our family. We look out for one another, protecting each other from the pitfalls that come with Medicare and its many confusing elements. Those philosophies are spearheaded by our founder, and we invite you to meet him!

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Winning the Emotional Battle with Medicare

We’ve met with many retirees, so oftentimes, we know exactly where you’re coming from. We’ve seen the pain and trauma in the eyes of those who have been pressured and manipulated into actions they never should have taken with their healthcare benefits. It’s our goal to relieve that pain, and we aim to give you the dignity and the respect you deserve. Our extensive experience in studying and analyzing Medicare benefits can help you take control of your healthcare, giving you the confidence and the decision-making power to make the right call for your own unique situation.

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